Sports League 2017

Sportsweek is a thing of the past. We used to schedule all the sports events into one intense, action-packed week. Not anymore. One of the downsides to that is that at the end of the week, everyone is sunburnt and exhausted. We've decided to change the format of "Sportsweek" into "Sports League" - An entire season of sports spread between 2 months. The result of reducing fatigue and nasty sunburns is that the level of performances and competitiveness is increased. Behold, Pinang A's Sports League 2017 :    

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Funday 2017

Fun Day! After the year-end break and together with the new intake of students - fresh faces and new friends, there is no better way for everyone to interact with one another other than to spend a full day of fun and games together! Fun Day is also the perfect time for the three team-houses of Pinang A's - Semper, Spes, and Caritas (Peace, Hope, and Love – in Latin) to get to know their new members. As usual, we integrated a competitive point system to spice things up! Throughout the first half of the day, the students will be going around playing station-based games in [...]

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ROAR – Music Video Project

The vocal class students have whipped up a cute and fun music video cover of Katy Perry's ROAR. Featuring adorable plushies and body suits they brought from home as well as adorable antics, the students definitely had as much fun as we had producing it !

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Fight Song Music Video | Vocal Class Project

A Music Video project by our Vocal Class of 2016 "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten Here is our Vocal Class music video project that made its debut during our Mid-Year Award Night 2016 event! It is a cover of Rachel Platten's hit song, "Fight Song". This time around, we decided to go with an uplifting and inspiring theme for the MV. It also marks our first time bringing the vocal class students off-site for a video shoot. Overall, the students had a lot of fun working on this class project!   Special thanks to: Jonathan Chong (video shoot/directing/post editing) Josiah Chong (audio arrangement/recording/mixing, video concept/directing) Jeremiah Chong [...]

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Sportsweek 2016

  Another intense season this year during our sports season! With the previous house-leaders graduating, we saw new house leaders stepping up to lead. Semper, Spes & Caritas fought hard for this year's championship trophy and individual sports ! Here are a few shots from the events, and we'll premier the highlight video during our Mid-Year Concert as usual !

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