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Please note:  

  • Dates and events are subject to change.
  • Any last minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances (severe haze, government-declared public holidays, etc) will be announced through Whatsapp.

Key Dates for 2024

2nd January - Start of Semester

2nd February - Fun Day

1st to 5th April - English Week

30th May - Sports League: Table Tennis

31st May - Sports League: Badminton

6th June - Sports League: Track and Field

7th June - Sports League: Tug of War

13th to 14th June - Sports League: Ultimate Frisbee / Captain Ball

20th to 21st June - Sports League: Futsal / Dodgeball

22nd June - Parent-Teacher Day

19th to 23rd August - Quiz Week

4th October - Excursion / Educational Trip

18th November - Year-End Awards Night

19th to 20th November - Year-End Camp / Activities

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