2019 Year-End Camp

Our annual 2 day, 1 night year-end camp for the middle and high-school students has always been a fun way to end the year of studies - with lots of fun, exciting and memorable games and activities. The day starts with some indoor challenges and games, as well as prepping for the beach, which includes filling up buckets full of water balloons and designing the team flags, shields and bandanna's. The highlight of the camp has always been the team-battles as well as castle-building and water-balloon war. With newly designed balloon catapults and shields, this year's battle was intense!  After [...]

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Junior Beach Clean-up

For this year-end educational trip, we provided an opportunity for our students to give back to the community. We believe it is not only educational but also character-building and eye-opening for the students. This year, we partnered up with our friends at Black Kettle and headed to the beach at Tanjung Bungah. After a quick briefing and breaking into two teams, led by Black Kettle's representatives Dyana & Michael, everyone got busy scouring the beach and picking up rubbish. Our little effort was wrapped up with some fun group games. The junior students worked up an appetite for delicious lunch boxes [...]

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Juniors Baking Workshop

For the juniors 2019 year-end excursion, we brought our the students for a baking workshop at Bake in The Garden by Artisan. They were separated into two groups and baked two different kinds of pastries. The juniors learnt how to read and follow a recipe, measure and mix the correct amount of ingredients and some basic baking techniques, such as whisking and piping. At the end of the fun and educational session, they all left with their lovely and delicious pastries with huge smiles on their faces.

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Pottery Workshop

For this year's educational trip, we brought our middle and high-school students for a pottery workshop at the Penang Pottery Club ! The workshop began with an introduction by Ms. Fumi, who guided the students on how to begin working on their pieces. The students had the freedom to create their own designs, allowing them to showcase their creativity and individuality. We could tell that the students were very meticulous on their pieces whilst having fun with their peers! The staff were very helpful and friendly throughout the whole workshop. Thank you again to Ms. Fumi and the team for [...]

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Quiz Week 2019

Quiz Week is all about challenging the students to brush up and learn general knowledge in multiple subjects. Through team games, quizzes and challenges, they worked in their respective teams of Semper, Spes and Caritas to be the champion of Quiz Week !    

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