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Adriana Chiew

Bachelor in Music, Piano Performance
National University of SingaporeSingapore
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Being a distinguished pianist, Adriana had a hectic schedule of rehearsals and performances, which meant it was a challenge for her to always be present in school. However, she was in no way behind in her studies – quite the opposite in fact. With her determination and with Pinang A's' help in accommodating her busy schedule, she was able to complete her studies with a high GPA and graduated on time.

What have you learned in Pinang A's that has helped you in your university and/or your working life?
I mainly learned that one does not have to conform to society's norms, and to be more truthful to oneself. I've also learned better communication skills and gained a much higher confidence level.

From your experience, in what ways do you think Pinang A's differs from other schools?
The style of studying was the one that stuck out to me the most. Since we could go at our own pace and choose what we wanted to do, it was very easy for me to transition from Pinang A's to uni. The people I interacted with in A's were also very different, for each person came from a different background. It was in A's that I learned to be more truthful to myself, and that people will still be able to accept me for who I am, instead of conforming to a "norm" in a place.

What do you like best about Pinang A's?
The freedom we had to decide what we wanted to do, as well as the environment provided for us. I loved how down to earth everyone (especially the teachers) was.

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