Whilst the Middle and Senior students were Treasure Hunting, Running Man style, the juniors were taken to the park for some fun of their own; supervised, of course, by Ms Hoe Ling and our intern, and walking first-aid kit, Marie.

Park outing by Penang Homeschool Center

Homeschool Center in Penang, outdoor activities

Outdoor Activities, Penang Homeschool Center

Chanel’s pretty good at climbing !

Penang Homeschool Center outdoor activities

Penang Youth Park, Penang homeschool, outdoor activity

Weeeeee !

Penang Homeschooling activities outdoor

Up High ! Charissa is loving it!

Homeschooling activitie in Penang homeschool Center

Penang Homeschooling Center at Youth Park

Jun Wei feels on top of the world !

Youth Park, Penang homeschool, outdoor activity

See-Saw, a classic, of course

Youth Park, Penang homeschool

Drink up & stay hydrated

Penang Youth Park Homeschool

Up and down ! Lots of fun!

Penang Homeschool Outdoor Activity

Penang Homeschool Center, Photographing

Ms. Hoe Ling capturing the happy moments

Penang Homeschool Center, Supervisor

Marie- The Waking First Aid Kit and Intern Supervisor

Penang Homeschool Center,

Going up!

Outdoor activity at Park, Penang Homeschool Center

These two are inseparable

Penang Homeschool Center, Outdoor activity

Batman & Robin!

Korean homeschool student, penang homeschool centre

Yeorom, our korean student, cute as always

Penang Homeschool Center, Outdoor activity at Park


Penang Homeschool Center, Outdoor activity

Charrissa putting the spin on Abigail

Penang Homeschool Center, Outdoor activities

Fun Outing, Penang homeschool center

Wobble, wobble, wobble !