Every year Penang A’s plan trips to different destinations. Some of our trips are educational. Some, to help out a charitable cause. Some, just for pure fun, sweat and bonding! This year, Logos Hope made port in Penang. She is a book-fair-vessel that travels around the world, not only selling unique books, but also spreading messages of hope, love and encouragement. We believe such a trip would open the eyes of the kids to the multi-racial nature of Logos’ crew, their purposeful-life and enthusiasm. We made a phone call if they would take a school visit and they were more than happy to oblige!

Off we go !

Penang Homeschool centre trip to Logos Hope

All set and ready to go ! But first, head-count !

Penang Homeschooling Center trip

Many of them have not even been on a ship !

Penang Homeschool trip to Logos Hope

Say Cheeseeeee

Educational trip by Penang Homeschool Center

Penang Homeschooling Center trip to Logos

Did I mention that they were excited ?

When we got there we were required to “sign in” to go through customs. It took about 5 minutes to get all the I.C Numbers from the students before we were allowed in. A crew from Logos hope came out to greet us and guide us in.


homeschooling center in Penang outing trip

Walking through the port. Excitement building up !

Outing trip by Penang Homeschool Center

Boarding time ! All Aboooarrddd!

Logos Hope trip by Penang Homeschool Center

Penang Homeschool students reading book, logos hope

Anjyu & Adrianna getting a head-start on baby names ;)

Outing trip, Penang Homeschool Center penang-homeschool-logos-trip-22 penang-homeschool-logos-trip-24 penang-homeschool-logos-trip-23 penang-homeschool-logos-trip-34 penang-homeschool-logos-trip-46 penang-homeschool-logos-trip-17 penang-homeschool-logos-trip-31 penang-homeschool-logos-trip-28 penang-homeschool-logos-trip-35 penang-homeschool-logos-trip-33 penang-homeschool-logos-trip-25 penang-homeschool-logos-trip-27 Penang Homeschool students reading books

Penang Homeschooling student reading

A section of books that caught Charis’ attention !

We were invited into the theatre for a bit of fun, games, quizzes, and sketches by the Logos Hope crew. We were told how everyone has a role and duty to fulfil on the ship. We learnt that those in charge of cleaning up and washing are called Angels ! Some of the girls were daring enough to volunteer and went up to play the games !

Penang homeschool student quiz

Anjyu was one of the lucky ones !

Penang Homeschool quiz time on Logos hope

Packed into the theatre

Penang Homeschooling Center Fun trip to Logos

Something Zuer got for volunteering for the games !

Penang Homeschool excursion

Yuu Lii got one too !


Penang Homeschool Center, logos hope visit

Time to head back to school !