As the aptly named week suggests, every year Pinang A’s dedicates an entire week to learning English,  intensively, but with fun activities.
We incorporate this focus on the English language by using competitive activities such as short skits, speeches, quizzes, spelling, treasure hunts, and tongue twisters. Learning English has to be fun !

Through this fun, however, we impose a “rule” that has to be adhered to all week, from 9 a.m to 3 p.m – You have to speak English at all times. Speaking another language other than English will result in points deducted from your team. Because we have students from Chinese, Korean and Japanese-speaking backgrounds, this was quite of a challenge for them!

Our center does not enforce speaking English all the time (Unlike other centers, though, it is highly encouraged), so this is our little way of giving the students a taste of having to try to speak English, as they will at University, woretc . The

The schedule was as follows:

Day 1 – Drama Competition (Combined)
Each team is given a script that they have to improvise and act out, with English dialogue, to the judges and their friends.

Day 2 – Tongue Twisters (Sectioned)
From easy to hard, with a hip hop beat to set the mood ! Rap-batle-styled-tongue-twisters !

Day 3 – Speech Preliminaries & Wheel of Fortune (Sectioned)
Students are assigned speeches according to their age groups, to practice a day before and perform to the school. The Finals are held on day 5 (See Day 4 and 5)

Also, look out for the coming HD Videos of the Speech Finals and our Running Man Themed Treasure Hunt ! 

Day One – Short Skit Competition

Group discussion, Penang A's Homeschool

Team Caritas – Team Discussion & Planning


Penang Homeschooling activities

Team Spes – Rehearsing for their skit


Group Discussion, Penang English Week

Team Spes – Aggregating Roles


Team discussion and planning, Penang Homeschool

Zack, self-appointed screen writer ;)


Drama Competition, comedy segment

Kang Hao, comedy at best


homeschool drama, lots of fun

Why make props when you have friends. Jonathan is a machine-gun-tank, I believe


penang homeschooling drama activity

Little Chanel are the wheels to Daniel’s Machine guns !


student audience during english week drama

Comedy was a judging point and safe to say, comedy was a-plenty!



In this universe, Harry Potter passed away just after confessing his love to Elsa !


Penang homeschool, Comedy skit

Was this even in the script ?! ;)


Drama competition, Penang homeschool

The Statue of Liberty, I believe

student audience during english week

Speech Preliminaries & Tongue Twisters

Twin Sisters, Penang Homeschool

Esther, bravely giving her speech in front of the juniors and middle schoolers !


Junior Speech Prelimaries

Well done for even trying, Esther !


Korean Student, Penang Homeschool

Ryan, one of our Korean students, was very natural while giving his speech


Penang Homeschool Speech Competition

Gerald’s very experienced at speeches. He had good eye contact throughout his speech


Speech notes, Penang homeschool activities

The extent of Bryan’s preparation for his speech is obvious


Speech Preliminaries, English Week

Eunice, nervous, but steady


Speech Preliminaries, Penang Homeschooling activity

Jesper brought some comedy into it ;)



Jesper, giving a presentation about his childhood


Student life Penang Homeschool, English week

Bryan, composed and steady



Lyana is no stranger, centre stage


Homeschool Tongue Twisters game

This was on of the easier ones


Tongue Twister competition, Penang Homeschool

Shawn vs Selwyn – Begin !


Discussion for competition English Week

teamwork !



Typing Vocabulary game that requires teamwork !


competition Penang Homeschool English Week

Vanessa, declaring victory already ?


Penang Homeschool Cute Stutdent

Supervisor briefing the students for English Week

Tongue Twisters for English Week Homeschool

Peter vs Chanel Tongue Twister !


English Week Speech Preliminaries Pinang A's

Yuu Lii, our Japanese student has improved tremendously since last year !