Encouraging and inculcating family-oriented values such as teamwork and community are part of our philosophy at Pinang A’s. With that objective in mind, we organized a day trip to the beach for our annual exposure and community trip ! Not to swim, or play (that came after), but to clean and tidy up the beach. The day was slightly warm but overcast. The students were excited and spirits were high as we headed off to the beach !

Arriving at the beach, Penang Homeschool Community Service

Arriving at the beach ! Everyone’s excited !

Community Service, Penang Beach, Penang Learning Center

Briefing the Juniors on the area they are in charged of tidying up



Some of the juniors brought and used their DIY caps from their Arts and Craft session


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When the beach was nice and clean, we had 30 mins left before our bus was scheduled to take us back to school ! The students were delighted as they broke up into teams for some games !


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Community Service by Students of Pinang A's

The juniors were happy and cheerful in the warmth of the sun as they played with sand and built mini-sandcastles !


One more fun one, for good measure !

Group Photo of Students, Pinang A's Homeschool