A Learning Center based in Penang, Malaysia.

Life in Pinang A’s 

Pinang A’s Learning Center (Previously known as Penang ACE) was founded in the necessity & urgency to provide two things – Holistic development & a second home. We believe that one’s education involves more than books & the accumulation of knowledge. Learning should encompass one’s social skills, emotional maturity, physical, and character development. Pinang A’s aims to provide this form of development in a safe, happy and conducive environment, akin to that of a second home.

Our Endeavor Towards Mastery Learning…

It starts with an understanding : Different children will progress at different levels and at different paces.

1.  By starting at the level of performance: Each child is first assessed for placement at the level – not grade or standard, where the child can perform.

2. By aiming for Mastery learning. Once the child learns and achieves the lesson goals, the child moves on to a higher level at the pace of one’s own competence. Subsequently, a child may progress faster in some subjects and slower in others. The bottom line is to achieve learning before going on, and not at the mercy of the pace of one’s peers.

3.  By providing individualized & small group guidance: The teacher/supervisor-student ratio enables individual attention and guidance during the PACE/study time as well as in small group tutorial time.

Character building is key.

In our activities such as sports, community service, and in-school responsibilities, we engage the kids where their strengths are. Some students are leaders. Some make good support units. Some are still green and require mentor-ship to build their experience and confidence. We facilitate teamwork and cooperation.