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Vanessa Chong

Physical Therapy
Iowa State UniversityU.S.A.
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Pinang A's has helped me learn many life skills like handling conflicts and how to take the lead in my life. Knowing my direction and deciding on going to university have utterly changed my life.

Vanessa and her friends from uni

Sports and athletics were always Vanessa's forte, especially badminton. She won multiple medals during our annual Sports League and was also team captain of her sports house, Caritas.

Currently in uni, she is also working part time at the Iowa State University Friley Windows Dining Center as a Dining Student Supervisor.

Compared to other schools, Pinang A's has great teachers who are patient and are there for us no matter where we go. Sometimes in life, we make mistakes; our teachers never gave up on us and allowed us to show our greatness to everyone.

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