For this year’s annual educational trip, the Juniors of Pinang A’s visited The Habitat at Penang Hill! The objective of the trip was to learn about the flora and fauna of our tropical rainforest.

With a backpack of mosquito repellents, their water bottle and snacks, the juniors were treated to a very interesting and fun hike through The Habitat. The  staff were not only knowledgeable but also, friendly and very accommodating of the students and their questions. They led them in some  games as well as quizzes and challenges about animals. The juniors also learned about the importance of the conservation of the animals’s natural habitat.  We were lucky enough to spot some interesting birds, bugs, and plants that were unique to our rainforest – including a plant-dwelling crab that we learned could only be found on Penang Hill!

At the end of the trip, everyone was tired but had a great time and learned a lot about our tropical rainforest and the animals dwelling in it.