Enrolment Process

Greetings from Pinang A’s Learning Center !

To process your child’s application, we will need you to fill out our registration form.  Once this is completed, parents and child(ren) will be invited for an informal assessment or interview. 

Documentation requirements:

  • Admission form duly filled out and signed
  • Parents IC or Passport (Photo page and Visa page)
  • Child’s Identity Card (I.C) or Birth Certificate
  • Previous school transcripts 
  • A copy of any reports regarding your child (i.e. schooling, activities, assessments, etc.)

Upon admission, your child will be given a “Diagnostic Test” or a placement test.

Admission to Pinang A’s is dependent upon the presentation of the required documents, completion of the Admission form, and payment of the tuition fees.  Tuition fees are due on the first day of each term.

For further information, please contact us at : +6017 571 5634, or email us at [email protected]